Q. Do granite countertops give good value for money?

A. In almost every case yes. If you are looking to sell your home, granite is a good investment.

Q. Should I hire a professional to install countertops or can I do it myself?

A. Unless you have experience, you should hire someone. Granite installation is difficult and technical, and should not be attempted by an amateur.

Q. Does your company handle all of the fabrication and installation of my stone?

A. Yes. We do not subcontract or outsource any part of the process. You will deal directly with DENVER COUNTERTOPS employees every step of the way. We will provide complete one-on-one consultation, guidance and design expertise. We focus on making the process fun an easy for our customers; with hassle-free sales, service and support.

Q. Can you repair any cracks, chips or stains that develop over the life of my countertop?

A. Our skilled craftsmen are specially trained to do all types of repairs. These repairs occurred during the life of the material my incurred an extra cost.

Q. Can I buy my sinks from you?

A. We do carry sinks options, Ask about our prices and options.

Q. Who takes care of my electrical, gas and plumbing issues related to the countertop installation?

A. DENVER COUNTERTOPS is not licensed to connect electrical, gas or plumbing, you will need to contract with subcontractors licensed in those trades.

Q. Will my installation require a seam?

A. Seam necessity and location is dependent upon several factors including slab size(s), countertop configuration, movement in the slab(s), and how the countertops lay out on the slabs. You are always welcome to be part of the layout process at our facility. If like many of our happy customers, you prefer to leave the details to us, we will use our experience judgment to create the best layout for your project.

Q. Will my walls be damaged when you install my new countertops?

A. DENVER COUNTERTOPS’ installers are professional who are very careful and respectful of your home and its furnishings. We take precautions to make sure there is little to no collateral damage done to walls or cabinets in the installation process. Like any remodeling project sometimes touchup work is necessary at the end of the job and this is typically the responsibility of the homeowner.

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Q. How wide will my seam be?

A. DENVER COUNTERTOPS has always taken great pride in making the best seam(s) possible. In some cases seams may be nearly invisible and in no event will your seam(s) exceed the industry standard of 1/16’ +1/64” wide.

Q. Hog big of an overhang can I have where I have my barstools?

A. Overhangs can be up to 10” unsupported on standard 3cm material. On 2cm material unsupported overhangs may be up to 6”. If the desired overhangs are to be greater than 1“and 6” respectively, corbels are installed to provide additional support. In some instances where the stone is extremely fragile DENVER COUNTERTOPS may reduce the length of unsupported overhands allowed.

Q. Will you template my project if the cabinets are just sitting in place?

A. No. We want to deliver the quality product you deserve. This requires all cabinetry to be anchored in its final location prior to us templating your project.

Q. I have existing countertops. Do I have to remove them?

A. You may remove and dispose of them yourself or you may contract with us or another party to remove them. We can remove the existing countertops for you, in order to do you; all of your plumbing and electrical must be disconnected prior to our arrival. We can typically remove and dispose of them on the same day of your new countertop installation. Let us know at the time we give you an estimate and we will include it in the quote.

Q. How do you stay connected to the stone market and industry colleagues?

A. DENVER COUNTERTOPS is a member of the Natural Stone Institute, the largest trade association in the world to represent the stone market, setting the standards for workmanship and ethical excellence. We also attend industry conferences and international conventions/trade shows to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, trends, challenges and opportunities.

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